When should I apply for a front-end development job? (New Curriculum)

Hello guys,

Hope you are doing good. Initially I wanted to finish the FCC curriculum (old) and get the certificate. After that I wanted to apply for Front-end development job.

But now with new huge curriculum, I am kind of confused about when to apply.

There are lots of things to cover. Plus I am only giving 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. With that pace it will probably take 1800 hours to finish the curriculum (ignoring the interview section).

Do you guys have any suggestion?

My goal is to get efficient enough to build complex web apps (e-commerce) using React library.

It’s subjective, but I would say “When you can do all of the projects”. That isn’t to say that you have to have done every single one, but if you aren’t ready to complete the projects you probably aren’t ready for a professional role.

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The number of projects have increased. But I got your point and you are right. It will also help to put the projects on my portfolio.

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Apply when you’re ready, if you have projects already up and running, built on react, angular, mongodb node js then go ahead and take a shot, life is tough there’s no stopping it so you have to be competitive… If you can find time, as much as you can learn what you haven’t learn, from css to js.

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