When will the FFC BS Degree will launch?

Hello people,

First of all ,thank you a lot for putting such a great effort for making a BS accredited degree for folks like me who can’t get a US degree due to financial reasons. I really appreciate.

My question is that, when will it launch? Any approximate time from the team.

I really appreciate that because I’m waiting for it since the time I heard the news.

Thanks a lot.

The team that works on that and makes those decisions isn’t necessarily the team that frequents here, though there is some overlap.

This is the last I saw of it: A Free Accredited Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science – How Do We Get There?

If there is any news, I imagine it will get let out in a press release, not here.

I expect that it is still a ways off. There are a lot of legal/logistical challenges and then there is the problem of generating 4-years worth of curriculum (assuming some university doesn’t want to give away theirs for free). It has taken this long to generate barely a year’s worth of curriculum.

I don’t know when it will arrive, what it will look like, and/or what value it will have. In the mean time, just learn to code. Learn and build things. There are jobs out there for people that know how to code, with or without a degree. It’s a hard road, but it will probably get you there sooner than waiting for this. It’s a bold idea, but it’s going to take a while.

I have no inside information, this is all just my speculation.


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