Where can I learn about SSH?

I need to quickly brush up on SSH as we use this in my new job. I’ve done some googling but haven’t found much of use.


SSH is a protocol to manage linux server like CENTOS etc… If you enter username and password there example you can use cd the change directory to change folder. Is all from remote. And still a lot of commands is all about linux terminal.

Putty is your friend.

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I’ve just been using mac terminal and this has been fine, so what I need is linux terminal commands and what they do?!

Is depends on remote OS if it a Linux then you need use that commands to manage.

Like ubuntu: apt-get install package
Like centos: yum install package

Is just packages but commands can be another! Also config files can be located at another folders is depends from OS.

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The best way to learn is to buy a hosting site and ssh into your account.

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It’s fairly simple format.

ssh username@ipaddress

and if you have a specific key to use,

ssh username@ipaddress -i ~/.ssh/NAMEOFYOURPRIVATEKEY

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SSH just connects you to your target linux box remotely. There’s really no additional commands. After you connect the standard linux commands are available.

There are some pre-steps if you don’t have a key made. I recommend adding a passphrase as well.

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you could check out this link https://www.scribd.com/document/12093699/Ssh-Tutorial

The webpage is “paid” but you get a 30 day free trail and can use paypal to no put in card details etc.
you can also download the doc. in pdf and store it and use it ofline etc.

draft from the pdf:
3 Basic SSH usage

3.1 Remote login

The basic syntax to log into a remote host is:

ssh hostname

If you want to specify a username, you may do it using an rlogin-compatible format:

ssh -l user hostname

or a slightly more simple syntax

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Thank you everyone these are helpful tips :slight_smile:

Have a great day :slight_smile: