Where do you think I may find to volunteer?

Could you please comment on my resume? I know - I don’t have much of experience. However, I would like to volunteer somewhere- at least for some project…et.c (hoping to get a job later ) . <sorry, I just don’t know how to attach picture in here.>

Hi @Bond007!

Here are my thoughts.

  • Your resume should only be one page, especially since you don’t have a lot of experience yet.

  • In your profile you mention that you have proven experience building consumer focused websites but you don’t list any examples on your resume. If you have built websites for people we need to see it. The only projects on your resume are a form and a tribute page.

  • For experience, you listed software quality analyst at the bottom of the page after your two projects. If you have experience in the tech industry that needs to be at the top of the page. Then you can create a section titled projects.

  • For your projects section, I would continue to work on the descriptions a little bit more. In the tribute page, you said that you included some semantic tags and added a border. Maybe you could reword that to say something like this tribute page is about (person) and I used the latest css techniques and semantic tags. Something along those lines.

  • Also for the projects, you only provided a live link to the tribute page and then a github link for the form. It would be nice if we could see both live pages and then if people really wanted to look at your code then they could go to your github.

Hope that helps!


Ok, it is a great point in your conclusion… thanks!
I have seen a template - resume( that guy’s resume had a separate section of projects above his work experiences) with the similar concept like mine. It was a template . May i get from somebody such a formating… please ?

IMO the hero of your page is your work experience as a software analyst. It would be different if your projects were more advanced like a full stack project or front end project using react or other frameworks and libraries. But I think leading with your work experience first would be a good choice.

At the end of the day, it is your resume so you can format it the way you like it. That’s just my two cents. :grinning:

Ya, I agree with you on that… I’ll proceed further the way.

collaborate to open source projects, that’s also great experience, for example, freeCodeCamp: github.com/freeCodeCamp

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