Where is the best place to learn Node.js for beginners?

The title says it all. I’m new and very lost when it comes to Node.js.

Can anyone suggest a very beginner friendly source to learn? Thanks


This course was excellent:


I purchased it during Udemy’s many sales for $10.
The instructor comes back and updates the course when necessary. He explains the why along with the how.
The content is excellent and covers Express, Mongoose, testing, building an API, authentication, and sockets to highlight some of things you go over.

Another good one - and free - is over at RisingStack.com


Good luck-

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Pluralsight has a node path with 2 beginner courses (3 hours total), 3 intermediate courses (12 hours total), and 2 advanced courses (5 hours total).

I have not personally used the path though. You can get a free pluralsight account from a free microsoft visual studio dev essentials account.

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I have started a series on Node.js using express framework. Relatively i am new to the blogging. Here is my blog website:


Each week i will be adding at least 1-2 articles.

I wish I’d found the book Express in Action when I was learning.

I followed a lot of tutorials from here: https://www.turbo360.co/tutorials. Those are mostly Node JS based projects. Enjoy!