Where to find remote web developer jobs to work from any country?

I will move back to my homecountry (in the European Union) in 3 months and I want to get a web developer job that hires people from anywhere in the world no matter where they are based in

which websites can I apply through for fully remote jobs for web devs without having to see the team face-to-face ever but just via videocalls ?

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To be honest, you won’t find many companies that will actually hire “anywhere in the world”, as much as that tends to be talked about. US-based companies will usually prefer to hire within the US, and I’ve seen more than a handful of EU-based companies that will only hire within the EU. I’d expect this is primarily due to two reasons: (1) legal requirements for international hiring, and (2) timezone differences. It can be difficult to coordinate convenient times for videoconferences when employees are separated by 4 or more timezones.

So I’d recommend applying to EU-based companies if you’re going to be going back there. There are actually lots of cool startup and small companies based in the EU that I’d bet would provide really good opportunities. This one comes to mind instantly, for example: https://strapi.io/ (if you haven’t heard of them already, you should check them out)

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International employment is really messy and complicated. It might seem like that should be easier for remote work, but from a legal standpoint it’s pretty much the same. Your legal residence and your nationality, and whether an employer has legally established offices in your country all factor in.

The typical way of trying to work with these restrictions is contract work, where you would be self-employed or work for a contracting company and bill as an external business. There are pros and cons to a situation like that.

For regular employment, your best bet is probably to look within your country’s job market, focusing specifically on remote jobs. Some of those jobs will be from international companies, some will be from contracting companies, and some will be within your country. I know that cross-national employment within EU nations is generally less of a nightmare than for those of us who aren’t in the EU.

If your concern is the ability to relocate in the future, that would be something to discuss with a potential employer case-by-case. Sometimes they might not care where you are as long as you work the same hours as everyone else. Sometimes they might not care at all. For my remote job I believe the rule is that I cannot spend more than two months out of my home state without a whole process (which could impact my salary) and cannot move to a country where my company doesn’t have a legal presence.

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