Where's the learning material?

freecodecamp.org just shows the project. I don’t see any of the lesson plans. Please provide me a screenshot of where the lessons are?

Please tell us which “lesson plans” you are talking about.

pick any and provide me a screenshot of how to access lessons when all it shows it projects.

Please pick the one you having trouble with and show us what you want help with.

Since we don’t describe anything as a “lesson plan”, I cannot be certain what you are talking about unless you show us.

I have trouble with the WHOLE SITE. I click on Responsive Web Design. there is no lessons it just shows start project. how you start project with no lessons.

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You don’t see this link to this lesson:

or this lesson:

or this lesson:

or this lesson:

or this lesson:

or this lesson:

… etc?

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I have no extensions or addblock. It just open to projects and I complete them. Is the project the “lesson” I guess I got confused by an video that shows actually info before starting projects. Please clarify.

@fishnyc please use your own thread. The issue in the other thread is unrelated to what you are describing.

it was merged. I’m just replying??!!!

The lessons are organized as practice projects, yes. The first one says:

HTML tags give a webpage its structure. You can use HTML tags to add photos, buttons, and other elements to your webpage.

In this course, you’ll learn the most common HTML tags by building your own cat photo app.

No, the two topics were not merged. They were separated. The wording is a little confusing on the forum software. Read the thread contents to see which thread you are in.

sir. i don’t know what you are talking about. I started my own topic and it was merged. I didn’t do anything to reply to separate thread.

I moved your posts back into your own thread. You were posting in somebody else’s thread after they spammed your thread with unrelated questions.

er. can you delete this thread. I expected something else from watching an old video.

What different thing did you expect? We recently reorganized and expanded the entire HTML curriculum.

i expected it to shows something like first lesson with basic description with project link before going to first project where it is now which is directly to first project where you enter code.

When you click on the first lesson, you should see a preview of the final result from the first project/lessons.

what threw me was that it says start project. basically can you delete this thread. I was confused that the “start project” means it is the lessons.

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