Which certifications are essential for full stack development?

I really would like to start working on developing and honing my skills to become a full stack developer. For now I plan on using FCC to teach me the basics so I can register with a Full Stack Development focused boot camp. I was just wondering, what certifications/modules/sections should I focus on to teach me the basics for Full Stack Development.
Machine learning for example is not required, while certificates like JavaScripts, HTML, and CSS are important.
I am fairly new to this and would just like it if anyone could please help me narrow down the certificates I would need to complete that are related to Full Stack Development.

Thank you all and good luck on your journeys.

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Hi @kharalhamza98 !

Welcome to the forum!

The first 7 teach full stack JavaScript.
When it comes to the d3 certification, I don’t think it essential for a job.
I have played around with d3 for personal projects but have never had to use it on the job.
The only section I would go through from that cert would be the JSON API’s and AJAX section.


That sounds perfect. Thank you so much for your quick response.
Cant’t wait to update you all on my progress in a few months.

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