Which Freecodecamp certification path is most applicable to cloud computing?

Hello Folks,
I am learning cloud computing and have discovered that I also need to know coding or programming to be better equipped. Please which certification path on freecodecamp is best suited for or most applicable to cloud computing? I don’t know which certification path to take. Kindly advise me, please.

That’s a very general thing, it just means “stuff that runs on a remote computer that you [generally] don’t set up yourself”. And it’s normally in the form of services that do {something} that you configure, then you interact with them, like “a database” or “a single function that does a thing”. And most so-called cloud services let you interact with them using a variety of languages. So without knowing what you want to do, it’s a bit difficult to give an answer

Learning on Freecodecamp is arranged in categories that one can refer to as certification paths. Is there a certification path that teaches programming languages most applicable to cloud computing? That’s what am trying to find out. Am learning AWS and Azure.
Thank you.

I understand what FCC does, but same things I said apply.

There isn’t a special set of languages used for “cloud computing”.

For setting up AWS or Azure infrastructure there is lots [and lots and lots and lots] of configuration. Thats not really programming per se, it’s not what FCC teaches. Lots of it isn’t about programming, it’s about how networks and network infrastructure works. It’s orthogonal to programming – it’s stuff you need to use IRL. But it isn’t programming.

There are lots of videos and articles on the FCC news site. It’s most useful when you understand IT network management. Mainly it’s knowing which buttons to click in a UI first, then being able to describe the particular set of buttons you’ve clicked in terms of a config used by AWS or Azure (Sam templates for AWS for example), but lots of it won’t make a lot of sense without that knowledge about network and software infra.

Re programming languages: any might do, but it’s absolutely dependent on what you want to do and just saying “cloud computing” doesn’t help because that could be absolutely anything. JavaScript and Python are taught on FCC and are commonly used for writing/interacting with AWS tools. Go is used a lot. Java, C# etc. For interacting with AWS in apps, basically every language has SDKs, but that’s not quite what you’re asking here

Cloud computing is a huge area. What type of cloud computing? We do millions of different types of things in the cloud.

FreeCodeCamp is designed for learners to start at the top and proceed from HTML/CSS through the Javascript and frameworks. Some of those backend challenges can be (and are in the exercises) hosted in the cloud… But that is one of a million different ways to do ‘cloud computing’.

Asking to do ‘cloud computing’ is about as specific as asking about ‘desktop computing’. We don’t have enough data to fully answer your question.

Thank you for your concern, time and effort to help me out on this. I think am not yet close enough or deep enough into cloud computing to narrow down my question into specifics. I appreciate your concern. Thank you so much.


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