Which Portfolio Site?

Hello, everyone!
I’ve earned the responsive web design certificate, and plan on learning jQuery, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. I have pens on CodePen and have been putting code, on GitHub. My only option, at the moment, is to host a portfolio, on a free site. Given the projects I’ve done and my interest in Ruby on Rails, is there a particular site I should use? Thanks in advance, for your responses!


you can use:

Both of them have free web hosting services option.


Thanks, for your response!

Since you mentioned GitHub, I’d recommend getting started with GitHub Pages (free):


This will help you rapidly deploy your first static website with the minimal, blog-aware framework Jekyll. This is all you’ll need to build out your portfolio & communicate your experiences & interests! This will launch a live webpage at your-github-username.github.io, which you can always get your own domain name to cover later.

Once you’re comfortable with that, enjoy exploring more robust options for deploying complete Rails apps like Heroku & Netlify (the new cool kid on the block).