Which section to learn next after Basic JavaScript

So I finished basic JavaScript and I started ES6 and its much much harder. I cannot figure out even one problem from the examples. Am I doing these chapters in the right order? I’m noticing the answers are far from what I am thinking its supossed to be. I also read on some other websites that ES6 is not necessary. As a beginner who intends to learn JavaScript as the main goal, what should I study off of Freecodecamp after Basic JavaScript?

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ES6 is just “syntax sugar” over what you already know. Most of it will show you “newer” fancier ways to solve things you probably already know. If your struggling in this section, I might review it a few times, or skip it all together. Just be warned you can totally code without ES6, but it’s essentially the “modern way to write JS”.

Now in terms of importance I recommend focusing on the Debugging section (great knowledge in general), Data structures, algorithm sections. These are not easy, but are arguably the most important challenges and concepts to learn when learning programming.

Learning programming is not easy, but I believe anyone can learn it. The only barriers to learning it is time, an internet connection and grit. If you put in the time, and keep grinding away and not giving up you can learn anything!

PS. You might find the ES6 section to be easier than the rest once you learn more about the syntax and how it works from external sources. I always recommend MDN as a great place to start learning anything web related. Just remember it’s just a different way to do things you might already know.


If you feel it is too hard jump over the ES6 section and return to it later, at the latest I would say before Intermediate Algorithms.

I would advice to not ignore it, you will need to know the difference between arrow function and the usual function syntax.

I finished the arrow functions section. I’m glad I did it now.

Thanks for the review.