Freecodecamp curriculum ES6 section

To be honest, I found this section to be too difficult for me.

I have finished

  1. basic javascript
  2. basic algorithms
  3. basic data structures

section, can I jump to OOP next? Or should I finish debugging and regular expressions 1st then go to OOP.

I almost finished ES6 part, I want to leave it to the end.

So to clarify, I want to do the sections in this sequence:

  1. OOP
  2. functional programming
  3. regular expressions
  4. debugging
  5. Intermediate algorithm
  6. JS algo and data structures projects
  7. ES6 (last 6 quests)

Is this doable??

it’s certainly doable but the debugging section may help you in the next sections.

I see. I think I will do debugging and regular expression 1st, then OOP and carry on from there.