ES6 - Write Concise Declarative Functions with ES6

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I would like to know whats the proper order to do the JavaScript courses on freecodecamp. Im feeling like im not supposed to do ES6 before Basic Data Structures or Basic Algorithm Scripting even though ES6 was the following on the list after the first one (Basic JavaScript). I feel like im missing a lot of information when they present functions in the lesson i didn´t see on any other lesson before.

In the course they are displayed in the next order:

Basic JavaScript
Regular Expressions
Basic Data Structures
Basic Algorithm Scripting
Object Oriented Programming
Functional Programming
Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

I appreciate your help

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Challenge: ES6 - Write Concise Declarative Functions with ES6

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The order listed on the web page is the suggested order. So yes, ES6 is next after Basic Javascript.

I think this is just a natural feeling when you are learning new things. You can always ask questions here in the forums.

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So in the challenge above they are saying “an object can be created by defining a constructor function and using the new keyword to instantiate the object”. There is no lessons about constructors before this one, so me or anyone doing this course wouldn’t know what they are or what are they used for…
They also talking about a class declaration wich again they never mentioned before. I know we are learning something new but at least you have to make sure a concept/subject was already discussed before using it as an example to explain another one that depends on it…you can not learn to run if you don’t know how to walk.

I checked another post on this forum where they show the answer but my intention is to learn and understand, not just copy and paste.

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