Why different browser support table

Why is the browser support table for caniuse always different from mdn’s table?

For e.g., clamp on caniuse vs mdn:

Capture Captuure

I want to use that clamp function and make sure it’s well supported for chrome Android browsers, but the table on caniuse is confusing to me.

it depends on when the tables were last update it seems

I don’t get. Mdn says since Android chrome 79, but caniuse says the latest version, chrome 87 - not even the same v 79 with prefix

you could go to the source and see the browser version release statements

Ok. Let me check that out.

Where do i find that, pls? Seems it’s not on the caniuse page

See what i got. It’s the similar to mdn’s

Caniuse has been confusing me for a long time. It would have been better if i saw partial support for v79

there is probably a way to give them feedback if you want to do so

Oh, i am not going to do that.

I guess i will stick with what I have got

Thank you for the replies