Why do I need programming skills for a job in Online Marketing?

Hi guys,

can someone explain me, please, why a Online Marketing Manger and a SEO Specialist need HTML, CSS and even Javascript skills?

And do you think it is enough, when I get the “Responsive Web Design Certificate” and do the “Basic Java Script” section?

A lot of online marketing tools require you to insert blocks of code into your application to record page views and events that happen on the page. And it isn’t always a simple copy and paste into the head of your document.

That sounds reasonable. Although I would recommend finishing the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification or at least ES6, Debugging, and Basic Data Structures along with the Basic Javascript section.

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An Online Marketing Manager might be able to get away without any HTML, CSS or JavaScript skills. You can run marketing campaigns by either managing people who do know how to use those skills, or by using tools and services that other people have made. But you couldn’t call yourself an “SEO Specialist” without at least knowing your way around those three.

I’d expect an SEO Specialist to understand how to optimize a website for search engines, and be able to implement the necessary changes on the website. Therefore, an SEO Specialist is basically a web developer with a specialization. She is a person who knows how to build websites, and who is particularly good at implementing them in such a way that they are optimized for search engine indexing.



Thank you for answering, guys!

I did not think, that you needed such knowledge in Javascript for an Online Marketer and/or SEO Sepcialist. According to many job offers which I screened in different countries, only few of them asked for Javascript knowledge.

But netherthenless I have enough time to solve the challenges here.

If someone else wants to say something or give me an advice for these jobs - feel free to write. :slight_smile:

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