Why is Python for data science required?

I want to know the detailed information regarding python for data science

required for what? if you are not interested don’t learn python

When you say required?
Most of the data scientists I know use “R”.
I think python for data science is good because it’s easy and quick to learn, and the numpy/scipy/pandas/matplotlib libraries get you a lot of powerful functionality quickly, this makes it very popular with academics and researchers who aren’t “coders” by design but have perhaps faffed about in MATLAB.


Don’t learn R if you don’t need to. Python can do everything R can but with superior documentation.

yeah I am not saying to use R, only that python obviously isn’t “required”. As far as I know, other than people using R because that’s what they learned, I think R has some advantages in speed for some kinds of data sets but I agree that python seems to be a much better choice if you’re just starting out.

Which R packages are faster? The efforts to port R packages to Python, and I wasn’t aware of any particularly Python options.

Hi, @purnimah2k, I am new to python, too. but I think python is good for data analysis because of it`s data structure. it’s very simple to manage data(search, sort, update…) with python. one of the strength of python is it’s data structure.
if you want to master python, you should know about data science.

Do we need to learn Python or R for data science?

many people thinks R is better to data science. but I think python is also good for data science. If you want use it only for data science, learn R. but you want to expand your knowledge, try to learn python.


Anything you can do in R, you can also do in Python, which is a much more flexible and capable language. If you want to do data science, learn Python. If you want a general purpose language, learn Python. If you need a very specific R package, then learn R.

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Data scientists who need to incorporate statistical code into the production databases or integrate data with web-based applications, Python is often the ideal choice for the data scientists. It is also ideal for implementing algorithms, which is something that data scientists need to do often

Hm. I mean being a programming language, of course, Python can do everything that R can do. Personally, I’d prefer to not have to write my own analysis when I want to structural equation modeling (SEM)- whether frequentist or bayesian. When I want to carry out tests for measurement invariance and so on. I know, I know. SEM (or factor modeling) is not that big (yet) in data science. But… R has some advantages.

Sure, there are some very specific R packages that don’t have a Python equivalent. But that list is shrinking pretty quickly.

Yeah, We need python before going to Data Science.

Python is the basic scripting language, and Python is major part and run the algorithms to complete the Data Analysis, Statistical result with the accurate output on the screen. So, Learn Python coding is great to do Data Science.