Looking for full course Rstudio to Data Analys

iam new in Data analyst and want to learn Rstudio ® for data analytics and visualization, i founded some vidoes on youtube but not full course,
i hope any one can help
thank you

This sort of thing is the weakness of R. The R community does a poor job of documentation, and honestly these days there isn’t anything that R can do that Python can’t.

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Thank you for your reply, so you prefer to start with python better than R , i was planing to study both but it OK i will start with python . thank you

Hello !

Here is an interesting article about the debate between R, Python and SAS (february 2020) https://techvidvan.com/tutorials/sas-vs-r-vs-python/
And here, one with a little review of 48 free statistical software : https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/top-free-statistical-software/

You can have a look on Data Camp where there are courses for R and python or spreadsheet, SQL, tableau,…but I think there are some nice stuff on udemy too. Don’t hesitate to investigate the web for free ressources (maybe a little more work to structure)

I used SAS when I was at school. I started R soon and plan to learn python after.
I think it can be a good idea to have a look at the two :slight_smile: but maybe you have to choose more precisely if you haven’t “aaaaall your time”

Good luck with your starting !
Maybe say something about your experiment later ?