Why you want to give up programming

This morning I woke up by 4am to start coding at 4:45am and I remember going 20 minutes in and asking myself questions like: “why am I doing this, what do you hope to gain from suffering like this”.

After a few mins of asking myself these questions I just got up and lay in my bed, demotivated and not feeling my best…

Later today I decided to ask myself why I failed, and I discovered it was because I saw no purpose in what I was doing, I was relying too much on willpower to do things without a proper reason, I was just doing it because I had a long history with it, I was without purpose.

if you are trying to learn anything, have reasons behind why you are doing it, set goals that you want to achieve and write down any major milestones, this gives a sense of purpose to what you’re doing which unlocks the relentless voice that urges you to keep going.

Do the hard work especially when you don’t feel like it.


Agree 100% that if you dont have a purpose for trying to learn coding or anything then your heart is not going to be into it and it becomes more of a chore. I would add on that it helps if you’re passionate about what you are learning. In the past few days I have seen several people asking about jobs they could get because they switched over to the programming field. Learning to code to make a living, provide for a family, or just provide for yourself is a hell of a good motivator. However, I am worried that people just jump to this field because its in demand, pays well, and its not going anywhere. They don’t know though that it is a lot of work, and it sometimes can be incredibly frustrating to understand and get a grasp of. I personally love learning new things, and testing them out on new projects, but thats just me. For those reading this, I am now way discouraging anyone from learning programming and getting into this fun and exciting field. This is more of a warning, be sure that this is something you can be passionate about, because if you find it a struggle to get motivated and passionate to learn then how are you going to be passionate when you get a job. This is something that can not be learned very fast, and it can be incredibly difficult. On the other hand like the OP says, if you can find a good purpose for learning this then I think the passion will come as you continue to learn and grow. Goodluck to anyone who is reading this, and just remember just because its hard does not mean its impossible! Keep going, and you will make this dream happen just never give up!


I agree with @Cody_Biggs , without a strong reason of why is someone doing a certain thing. It’s hard to keep on the way.


Is there any particular reason you’re coding at this time? It doesn’t sound particularly healthy or productive to be coding in the middle of the night.

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dont worry, i still get my seven hours of sleep, i code this early because of the silence and i find my brain to be very active at this time, although recently i started waking up by 5am because it fits better with my school schedule.
Although not everyone can code at 4am so pick a time when you can get into flow aka DEEP WORK state.

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I totally agree and i kinda feel more comfortable seeing another developer waking up at these times, keep it up bro.

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