Will I be ready before the end of the year?

I’m just finishing the Javascript module at FCC, I also started learning on Coursera (I just asked for financial aid, but while I follow the free classes), would it be possible to start working in web development this year? I began to dedicate an hour a day to learning.
Greetings from Argentina!

Coursera is a good platform but I don’t see a need to pay for certifications.
Employers don’t look at most certifications except for maybe the more well known ones like AWS
All of their courses are available for free through courses audits, so I would suggest continuing with that.

Short answer: it depends. it’s possible but there are so many factors that go into landing your first job

In addition to learning, you will have to build projects that demonstrate your skills.
Build some projects that you invested some time into, that demonstrate some complexity to it and are different then the typical tutorial projects most people list on their resumes.
Tutorial work well when you are first learning, but it is important that you break from that and start building your own projects to better your skills and learn more.

I advise people to look at Leon’s Noel videos on how to land a job, because he gives really good advise on how to approach the whole process and what hiring managers are looking for.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, you’re right, but I was referring not so much to the certificate, but to the fact that there are parts of the courses with questions to answer that were only enabled in the paid version.
But it is true that the knowledge that I can acquire is the same, I will continue trying with all my might. (sorry my bad English)

Hi @gusmnk.dev ! Greetings also from Argentina.

From my point of view the answer is: Is up to you. Until the end of the year you have like 9 months to get better at programming.

At the beginning 1 hour a day is good, but it would be better investing more time later, may be on your weekends. Being good at programming language like Javascript require a lot of practice not just watching courses and you can practice as @jwilkins.oboe says trying to do your own project or getting involved in platforms like Codewars. For example in this platform you have fundamental exercises to practice and learn more about the language (you can find fun ones).

There is another resource to learn JS (Free) that you can use to improve even better you JS knowledge: Eloquent Javascript (search it in google). Because as @jwilkins.oboe says, you dont have necessarily to paid for learning, also in the FCC youtube channel you will find excellent content if you are a visual learner, also for free.

Lastly but not less important, you should have to figure it out which path do you like most to orientate your attention: Backend or Frontend. With FCC you will learn about both. So, latter you can focus in one thing; Focusing in one thing in my opinion is better than focusing trying to learn everything. With this in mind after you feel comfortable with the JS language itself, later you can choose a Framework to learn (Node for backend or Vue or React for frontend).

I hope this answer helps. Have a nice day!

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