Work environment? Share your experience!

Hi Campers,
I would love to hear your experience as developers, especially related to the work environment. Obviously I understand that it varies depending on the company and other factors…but what is your experience like so far? What are your hours of work? Do you have flexibility working from home vs in the office? What are your coworkers like? What are some pros and cons? Name some of your current highlights and challenges. Any differences between large companies vs start ups?
Share whatever you like.



I was given a selfie stick at work a little while back, so I just happen to have this picture of my workspace on hand. (Yes, that’s an FCC sticker on my work laptop.) ArielLeslie's cubicle

I work for a very large company as a Software Developer. My development is primarily in JavaScript and my automated testing is done in Java.

Because I moved an hour away from my office my manager has allowed me to flex my hours to avoid traffic, so I work roughly 7-4. He also lets me work from home once a week if I need to (I usually choose not to) and encourages me to work from home any time road conditions might be bad. I have a company provided laptop, dock, and monitor at home (as well as a monitor of my own, of course).

My coworkers are great and the reason that I decided to stay at this job when I moved is that I am on an incredibly friction-free team. (Plus, I hate job hunting.)

Overall, I like being a corporate sellout. I need that level of stability in my life right now. Before working here I was at a startup-ish company. I definitely had access to a much faster advancement path but there was a real failure to form and communicate clear (and reasonable) expectations. Bureaucratic bloat brings a lot of overhead to my current job, but I have a manager that protects developers from that as much as he can.


Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you are having a great experience. And yes having a friction-free team is essential.

Sounds like a good place to work, or rather it sounds like your manager makes it a good place to work.

You are my newest inspiration :slight_smile: Hoping to become a software developer one day :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this perspective! Very powerful, and an important consideration.