Working full time in an IT Company & studying for Part-time bachelors degree

Hi friends. I’m really confused. I already got a developer job in an IT company after doing a bootcamp for 6 months. The thing is, I have to earn a degree to withstand in the industry for a long time. So, I chooses a part-time bachelors degree in IT in the week-ends. The classes will be in Saturday & Sunday from morning 8.30 to around 6 p.m or will take up to 7.30 p.m since the lectures need to cover the whole weekday sessions.
And in the weekdays I have to work for the company.
I need some help. Because then, whole next 4 years would be a hell for me. No rest & everything.
Still I love the working experience I got. Is there any suggestions regarding this.?

Your best bet is moving to “remote work possible” positions. Lot of the companies allow their middle level developers to work remotely after they are with company for year or more and proven their experience. In cases like this you still need to visit workplace regularly, but you are generally allowed to have fluid schedule and do some of the work remotely.

So I would say for now you can just get experience and once you are confident in your skills and ability you can try looking for company like that or see if your current one allows it.

Fluid schedule like that will let you manage your time and make it less hellish while you studying.

Oh, and fact that it is for education can be good for those companies like that, lot of them are interested to support growing talent in hopes you stay with company afterwards. So just look for it once you established yourself as middle level, or ask about it in current company.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Since, I’m a junior developer there, I won’t think I could get remote work.Anyhow getting a bachelors degree is the most important factor in my path. I would talk to the current company about this confusion. Will make a good decision.

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I have a degree in Computer Science … but i feel it was a waste of my time ! … nobody will ask you about your degree if you work freelance or have your own business …

if you want to work in freelance or build your own app or become an entrepreneur … then getting a degree is waste of time !

So decide your priorities … not getting the degree will save your time and money both … and help you grow in your career !

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Thank you for your suggestions. I’m mostly focused on my studies rather becoming an entrepreneur or do a startup. Because I want to get a good knowledge related to Computer Science & Software Engineering principles. I’m planning to do freelance with continuing my studies.

It depends on your college also. If your college degree helps you in learning CS then surely its a good option !

CS degree can be good because it teaches fundamentals like data structures, algorithms. But Some colleges teach you lot of extra subjects. which you may not even need in your developer career !

What i learned in my 4 years of CS degree i could have learned in 2-3 years without a degree ! This is what i feel.

So you are free to decide for yourself which option suits you the best.

If you feel CS degree is good for you then go for it !

Best of Luck !

I did this a few years ago.

Honestly, work ahead. Don’t let projects, posts and/or papers lag to the last moment. Get as much done as you can.

Go the professor if you need help or if a conflict arises. Don’t be afraid of them.

Work on making your projects as portfolio ready as possible. It will be hard enough to keep that up outside of school and work, but you’ll want recent projects when you graduate.

It can be hard but it was definitely worth it in the corporate space.

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I second mavericks post if you are not choosing an excellent school.

However, as you already have a developer job, what is your goal? Do you want to stay in (I assume) web development or do you want to deep dive into machine learning and drivers?

CS is useful for all sorts of programming however, I would look at each particular school’s strengths as well as your own.

For me even though I can grit my teeth and learn how to develop and write drivers, that’s not my passion. My passion and potential talent is in web development and full stack. I love it. I would and am doing it even though I’m not getting paid for it. In my situation a school is not an option as I’m not yet employed, however if I could go, I would find an institution which creates the best full stack web developers backed by top names like google, amazon, etc.

So regardless of what you choose it will frankly be exhausting. However, find what you want to do and find the best people in the field and model after them.

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Not to disagree or criticise OP or anyone else but i need to share my experience because so many people can find that useful !

I feel spending 4 years to get a CS degree was a huge waste of my time … and its true unless you are getting a degree from a really good college … which has good curriculum, good professors and community which truly encourage you to learn …

people would say that CS degree teaches you fundamentals like data structures and algorithms … but i want to point out that there are so many good tutorials and videos available on the internet … like freecodecamp which has excellent tutorials available on subjects like SQL Database, data structures and algorithms …

and forums like freecodecamp can provide you very good community support !

moreover if you are thinking college degree will provide job security think again … because it does not provide any job security …

i enjoy spontaneity … and system of college was so much rigid for me and … and college can put so much pressure on you … and you dont enjoy learning and you are always under pressure to perform better and get good grades … this totally ruins the fun in learning computer science !

You spend so much time and energy and money on your degree and i wonder if its really worth spending so much money !