Working through a udemy course, feel totally stumped

So I am working through the Advanced Web Developer bootcamp over at Udemy, currently on the React parts. I feel that there is no explanation why he does things the way he does. Why does he structure components the way he does?

Without seeing the code to which you are referring, we can not answer your question.

Have you gone through theReact portion of the Free Code Camp curriculum? Maybe it will help you better understand React.

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Sorry for my incoherent post. I am working through a tutorial for a simple match-2 game. And the instructor just states “and then I added this component to do this”, but he never mentions why he did it in that way or give any kind of high-level architecture view.

Maybe he is following a style guide[0] or is only a convention (or best practice)?[1]



Cheers and happy coding :slightly_smiling_face: