Wrapped up Wikipedia search, refactoring feedback welcomed

Hi All -
I’ve wrapped up the wikipedia search. Right now I’m limiting results, I’m thinking to remove the limiter and adding pagination. any other advice?


Project Link - https://codepen.io/chadagate-1471204219/full/zKYOzv/

Hello !

One feature I really like with the Wikipedia search is the autocomplete! Another little extra you could have is a quick way to clear the search input to make another search request.

Good job!


Thanks! I’m going to look into the autocomplete, sounds pretty interesting.

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That’s a really good idea, thanks. I really like your Wikipedia viewer @chadicus, very clean and simple.

When I did this, I didn’t like the fact that the ‘random page’ button just takes you straight out of the ‘app’ so I wired it to fetch a random word instead and display the results.

I quite like the result, http://codepen.io/r1chard5mith/pen/xOoXva, except occasionally the word doesn’t return any results.

I really like how neat your code looks split up into html/css/js on codepen. Did you create it there? (I have been using an editor and dumping the result across - I need to go through and make all my projects look neater)


Thanks! @r1chard5mith I like the fetch random word idea, that’s pretty slick. My lack of design skills forces me to keep my projects clean and simple, I usually start off with a grand idea that totally tanks, then go on to something minimalistic. For my editor, I use sublime text, with a couple extensions to put everything together then just move it over to codepen.