Writing a career transition resume

My stumbling block in getting a new job seems to be writing a resume that shows the coding I can do. I am transitioning from being a stay at home mom to using what I’ve learned here at FCC and other resources. Because of the long time without a “real” job my previous experience as a project manager throws recruiters off seemingly because of the dates,

How do I showcase my coding? Do I even put my experiences from 10+ years ago on a resume? I was at tech companies but not doing any tech.


I would put your experience section at the bottom of the page. At the top, create a new section that lists and describes some projects you’d like to showcase with links to their GitHub repos.

I sure hope someone much smarter and more experienced than me can comment on this, though.

Similar situation here. Stay at home dad for 2 years. FCC student for one of those and a FCC project manager for going on 9-10 months now, professional web developer for over a month.

Don’t bother with job boards. Your resume will be disgaurded because of the gap. I got exactly 0 leads from Indeed, Monster, local recruters ect.

Direct leads and Craigslist are your best friends.

Focus on skills. Focus on any thing with a $ sign you can add. Saying I am a great programmer is less good then I provided 15,000$ of free programming to my favorite charity (a little under 4 weeks of work).

Go to coding meet ups.
Go to hackathons.
Get some busniess cards made up stating you are a PM and Web Developer.
Find someone who works there and make a friend. They can get your resume infront of someone and not just disguarded by the automated review system.

I break interviews on purpose. I lead with a sales pitch. Not by answering their questions. Find their needs and tell them how you will fill them.


Showing a great portfolio…and some_niche skills _ would be more than enough…at least that is my plan.