Yet another wikipedia viewer

I’ve completed this project.

This is the worst one I made if I don’t count the Portfolio project I made very early. The design is pretty much a copy of the example project’s one(same colors or close to it) and it doesn’t follow the Neon design I’ve used on my Random Quote Machine and Weather App projects. Functionally - it’s an ok one. You can both search with pressing the enter button or clicking on search icon(this one can’t be done on mobile version though - only the enter button on your keyboard will work).
Mobile version has input field problems which I couldn’t fix,but the search results display properly…

My Wikipedia Viewer


I think its pretty good. It fulfills all the user stories and works really well. Good job i say.

Theres not much you can do with this project in terms of putting your own stamp on it.

the only thing thats missing is the responsivness of the search bar container.