YouTube vids not loading on site?

using Chrome to open the site and YouTube vids don’t load vs using Edge they load fine on my other browser.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

It loads just fine for me in Chrome. Maybe you are blocking it somehow in Chrome. Try in an Incognito window and see if it works. If it does it might be an extension you have installed.

Or may it just needs a hard refresh.


It works in incognito mode. So tried clearing my cache, and also disabled all my extensions. Even disabled my VPN to see if it was that which was causing the issue. Tested signing in and out as well, but still the same problem.

If it works in Incognito it can’t be the browser itself. Clearly, something is blocking the player, or some JS that is needed. The loading spinner in the image seems to suggest the content is never replaced so it might be some client code that is blocked and not just the player.

You do have a high console error count in your image. Switch to the console tab and look at them, some “blocked by client” errors are fine but you have so many that it must be more than that.

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