0 to Frontend Developer (8 to 9 months)

Congratulations and good luck for your future projects you are setting a fantastic example thanks for sharing your experience :smiley:

Te felicito! keep learning

This is great to read! Thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your story, it encouraged me :sunglasses:

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your experience. Enjoy your new job. :slight_smile:

Bonita historia bro, yo ando en lo mismo, pero no se porque siempre cuando me cierro en algo salgo huyendo, ya casi termino mi portafolio, pero siempre voy down, seguiré esos pensamientos tuyos a ver que llego a conseguir en esto. Tu portafolio está bien profesional felicitaciones por todos esos proyectos que has hecho. Enhorabuena.

Very inspiring encouraging and ur English is good btw …Keep the hard work up …U gave me a great motivation …

Gràcies per compartir la teva experiència! Congrats :slight_smile:

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Congrats and thanks,

Reading your story put some fuel back into my motivation reservoir :wink:

Inspiring story,

Very inspiring your story, @Sergi-O , stories like yours motivate many to don’t give up for reaching their dreams. Congratulations for your dedication, and for your new work as a professional developer, you deserve it - “te lo mereces”, dale, a por mas.

Thanks so much for sharing your story! Amazing, and extremelly REAL…this is today coding job-search in Europe (for a simil-Junior position at least)…by the way, I agree with the above to run away from who is asking you to build complex structure…I had a similar experience, went for a Javascript position, nailed the interview (even the final algorithm)…and then they asked me to build this app:

In this exercise, you have to implement a full-stack web application with a very simple functionality. The application should consist of a Nodejs back-end and an Angularjs front-end. The Nodejs service should expose a REST API with possibly a single end-point that allows the Angulajs app to query a resource from a database. The Angulajs app should visualize the received data.
The goal of the application is to visualize a graph. The database should store nodes and edges in some format, the Nodejs app should read the database and send the data to the front-end when requested. Finally the Angularjs app should draw the graph using SVG.
The suggested technology stack is as follows:
• Angulajs for the front-end
• d3 (or equivalent) for visualizing the graph
• Nodejs code for the backend
• ES6 code
• koajs (or equivalent) as web framework
• Sequelize (or equivalent) as ORM
• Postgres as database manager
The evaluation of the exercise is based on the following aspects:
• clarity of code
• software architecture: proper separation of model, controller and service
implementations both on back-end and on front-end

Right! :slight_smile: If I would have those skills already, probably I would be already working!

Final note, your Portfolio is FANTASTIC! Great job to market yourself, beautiful landing page, beautiful projects, and nice presentation overall (as a personal note on the projects links, I would use target="_blank" attribute; although, it can be a personal choice).

Great stuff!

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Thanks a lot! Yea that doesn’t sound too Junior to me. In my case though the app was a copy from one in gihub so I believe it was a genuine test of skill. But in general yea no one should do free work, even though as a Junior on your first job hunt every interview and experience feels good. For my current job I did free work while I was waiting for the contract but I asked for it so I could prepare and see what they did on a regular basis. Thanks for the portfolio tip.

Congratulation :tada: man, really like the way added explanation to your codes. Keep up the good work.

Dude well done, I’ve started going through your portfolio and I really like the idea of the RGB colour guesser, what’s the etiquette for trying to build the same thing/building the same thing and pointing to where you got the idea from? Hahah

The rgb game idea is from the web developer bootcamp, an udemy course. I did my own implementation on my portfolio though.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!
And you have really a great portfolio :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story!

Crazy assignment for a supposed junior position. And you’re right. With that knowledge you’d already be employed.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. Success stories like this one are always a push for those of whom have just begun their journey.