25 years old, no web development experience

Hi all, I am 25 and I am working on an unrelated graduate degree (Statistics), and I have realized that I am just not passionate about my field anymore (A bit late for this, right? haha). Anyway, my undergraduate degree is in applied mathematics, and I took a few computer science courses and unlike alot of people that take those classes, I definately learned and retained the curriculum. So I have a decent background in C/C++ and Java, but really don’t have any formal web development experience.

I have been teaching myself web development skills for about 2 years now as I was completing my undergrad and beginning my graduate, and I do believe I have come far, but I still have a ways to go.

My question is, when I finish my graduate degree and have to make a decision on which direction I want to take my life, will it be too late for me to pursue a career in web development? I really enjoy it, and I have a passion for it that I simply don’t have for statistics anymore. I am just worried that when I finally am ready to make a decision, I will be too old in comparison to the fresh graduates entering the field and competing for the same position I might be.

Am I too old to be thinking about a career in web development with no formal experience, or is this something that I can still reasonably pursue?


Search this forum, there are 40 and 50 year olds who change their career to programming from something unrelated… Quite a few 30 year olds without any degrees who got a job months after starting to study.

You’re young and you already have 2 years of experience in programming + math? You’re not that far behind honestly.


You have all your chances. And that a misconseption, because if you’re pationate about coding, it’s not about chances of finding a job but about time, because as a pationate person, you’ll be very good at it, with time, learning and practice.

You should go ahead and try what you think will make you happy in life. :slight_smile:


Look into machine learning. It is an in demand field and you can use your math degree and statistics degree!