A Thought For The Creators

Here is another thread that I would like deleted and not locked by the mods. Thanks.

If you are checking out YouTube then you have probably come across videos from various freeCodeCampers who have worked with the logic and can show you how to follow the concepts.

As to how to know? Search YouTube for the subject you are trying to learn. For instance, how the min-max works in JavaScript.

You can also visit the freeCodeCamp chat rooms through the gitter login and meet others who may be able to help you.

I see what you are saying now. That is actually a good suggestion.

I think the main issue would be that the camper needs to know exactly what to look for. Some of the benefits of looking up the title of a challenge, or a keyword of an action to be performed is that there are sometimes different videos showing the various methods, or with speakers who are more articulate at showing the reason behind the solution than others.

I know that we have all had issues with some of the lessons (in my case min-max just doesn’t gel in my brain), but by checking out the chat rooms, forum, videos and Google, we find the encouragement and sometimes the answers that we need to keep going.

Also, I’ve noticed that some campers prefer a specific video host, while others prefer someone else.