Additional math resources

from: How are Udemy courses?

back when they started it, I took it and they had a companion site that handled the material as well

(posting in a new thread. Original thread was about quality of Udemy courses…)

Stay away from them . total crap , books are best …

I’m assuming here you are talking about Udemy? And not the mooculous site?

Side Note: andragony or the study of adult education doesn’t limit itself to just books and teachers anymore (what they used to call the ‘sage on the stage’ ). fCC would be one example, a place that combines self-learning and incremental exercises that builds on past experience.

… there’s tons of material and in some cases people would argue that books can be limiting for certain learning styles …

… having said that, I am a big fan of books and it’s one of my preferred learning styles…

@SEGrooms did some great Math videos for the freecodecamp YouTube channel.

If I were not on my phone I would add a link…

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Thanks for the shoutout @JacksonBates

This is apt timing, as I’m investing in some actual studio equipment for more videos!


For higher level mathematics courses, this the best resource you will find!


thanks, I had forgotten about those too! :smiley: