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I recently see udemy have offer $10 courses and I think it’s not a bad thing to buy these courses to learn more, I definitely will finish FCC as primary goal, but my question is , are those courses all live lectures or it’s like a video that has contents inside and any experience about online courses are appreciated.

Udemy courses consist of pre-recorded video lectures. Some courses have assignments that can be submitted. All courses have forums where you can connect with other students and even the instructor.

I really recommend trying the courses when they’re $10 (usually every week or so). They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk. If the course isn’t helpful, you can refund it. I’ve taken some valuable courses from there—I learned Angular and Vue.js from Maximilian Schwarzmüller. :grinning:

Udemy has been one of the best resources for me while learning to code. They have so many great courses, as well as a guaranteed refund within 30 days if you don’t like the course. Always read the reviews before you purchase a course though!

Udemy has been hit and miss for me. The vast majority of the “instructors” (which I put in quotes because most of them aren’t really teachers and don’t have any kind of real background in teaching) aren’t “vetted” by Udemy at all—Udemy allows anyone to create a course that wants to create a course and doesn’t make sure that the “instructor” actually knows they’re talking about. Some instructors are good, others really aren’t. And it can also be hard to get instructors whose English speaking accent can be easily understood, as there are surprisingly a lot of instructors who have foreign accents—which is understandable given that Udemy is an international platform, but I surely can’t be the only one who has a lot of difficulty understanding thick non-American (or non-British for that matter) foreign accents.

So with that said, definitely take advantage of the “preview” videos to check out the instructor and if you can understand his or her speaking style. Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp is often recommended on FCC, and it’s indeed a really good course. But don’t take Rob Percival’s Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, it’s one of the worst courses I’ve ever taken online on any subject.

Udemy is one of the best online courses providers. It helped me learn JavaScript, PHP, SQL, MySQL,… and many more.
There are courses that are better than the others, though. Try to take the long courses 70+ lectures because they are usually better than the short ones. Some of the short courses are good too if they providing projects.
There are many courses offered for free if you sign up for free coupons. You can google it Udemy free coupons.
Good luck and have fun!

Basically anything by Max Schwarzmuller will be friggin’ awesome.

I’d go with colt Steele’s web development course. It will definitely put you on the right track. I think I’ve learned more from his course then I did while I was in college.

As mentioned by another user, udemy courses consists of pre-recorded videos that you follow on your own pace. Some are good, others not so much. Before purchasing a course and investing your time on it, carefully read the reviews from othe users and the preview videos to see if you find the course interesting.

So far I’ve completed 2 courses from udemy from the same instructor, the first one was about advanced CSS, Saas and other stuff, I highly recommend this one to anyone who is fairly new to web development. The second one was about JavaScript and while I learned “the basics” of JS, unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the first one and I’ve had to learn JavaScript from other resources as well.

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Before buy any course on Udemy. Please check the Review of the course. also it’s content. and syllabus.