Udemy- is a good choice?

Does Udemy worth it?
That’s my question. Because mostly all the courses are available at just $10. That why i’m afraid of it’s quality

yup, its awesome.

this is the most recommended course there for beginners, i did it too and its great.

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I don’t really like such questions as they are always opinion-based. In my humble opinion, some of the courses are definitely worth every penny. How much money would you pay for a course in your area? How much money would you pay for a tuition and stuff? You can’t expect to become a coder after finishing one course, but you can gain A LOT of knowledge depending on your attitude.

I have bought a few courses on Udemy, and I’ve been very happy with them.

If you buy a course, and you don’t like it, Udemy is going to give you a refund. (30 day money back guarantee)

Note: The course mentioned above is one of the best I’ve taken.

It can be if you buy the right course and got it during one of their $10 days. Like anything just do your research first.

Don’t forget that there are a great number of quality videos on YouTube these days, costing the princely sum of nothing.