Pay what you want courses

Had a fellow programmer in our local group share this, and I thought some of you might be interested if you didn’t know about it!


That looks very cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Sort of misleading marketing & information on that deal. All of the courses being sold are available directly from Udemy, so I’m not sure what deal that website ( has with Udemy, if any.

So if you’re only interested in 1 course, then ok it might be worth it at a price of $1 for one course (since Udemy’s minimum direct price is $10).

Otherwise, it really pays to research the courses that are available in the set, because while $20.83 certainly is a low price for a set of 10 Udemy courses, that’s 10 Udemy courses of unknown quality. I only researched a few of the courses myself, but those few courses are ones that I wouldn’t want to spend money on, based on their ratings & reviews on Udemy.

Also, having taken a fair number of Udemy’s courses myself, and researching a lot of courses that I haven’t purchased, I can also unequivocally state that the set of 10 courses doesn’t have any courses that would be on my personally-recommended list:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Angular should buy either Mosh Hamedani’s Complete Angular Course or Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s Angular 5 Complete Guide, and anyone else’s course would be a pale imitation.

  • Anyone who wants an overview of web development is better off with Colt Steele’s course.

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python is probably better off with Jose Portilla’s Complete Python Bootcamp.

  • Also, Golang, Rails, and Scala are fairly niche, and if time is a precious resource for you, which I’m sure it is for everyone, then I’d recommend not wasting time learning things you’re not sure you’ll use in your career. Time is better spent learning things that are more widely used than Golang, Rails, and Scala.

  • Also, an iOS/Swift course without a comparable Android course? That might work for all the Apple fans out there (I’m not one of them), but it leaves all the Android fans in the dust.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to rely on Udemy courses too much. While there are certainly a few gems that are amazingly comprehensive (Colt Steele’s comes to mind), the majority of Udemy courses will NOT take the average person from zero knowledge to competent developer by the end, which they claim to do. The best way to learn web development is by using a variety of MOOC platforms, and not relying solely on the Internet either—there simply aren’t substitutes for in-person training sessions or classes (and no they don’t have to come from a coding bootcamp) or a technical book (printed or digital).


Yes, Colt Steele’s course is really good, as well as Rob Percival’s “Complete Web Developer Course 2.0”. I paid $20 for both of them. However, there are is are a whole bunch of FREE classes out there, especially on Coursera, edX, and my personal favorite, Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Y’all… I’m fully aware that there are many many other courses out there, both free and not. I was just posting something I thought some may find useful/interesting. I’ve personally done several of the courses in the 2017 bundle and I thought they were extremely helpful.

And yes, I agree, the title of the article is a bit misleading but it does go on to explain. I blame shitty capitalism. Every company markets things in a more appealing way than they really are.