MOOCs for First year Engineering Mathematics

Hey guys,

I’m going off to college in a couple of months for B.Tech in ISE in India and I’m not so good in Mathematics. Are there any good MOOCs that will help me to prepare in advance for all the subjects but mainly for Mathematics ?

This is the maths syllabus for my first year

What is a MOOC? I’ve never heard of that.

Depending on your current skills, I would start on an appropriate level on Khan Academy Math. I did it years ago and I loved it.

I don’t think you require a MOOC to solve this problem, First year is pretty much the same compared to what you studied in 2 years after 10th std, Just follow the textbooks and notes given by your teachers, plus you will want to dive deep into how they came up with the formula to solve a particular problem, don’t waste your time doing that because It won’t help you in exam, do it after the first year. For now just go with flow.

ooooooh, I see. Thanks

I really like as a fast track to catching my weaknesses in math. It goes up thru calculus and statistics.

I will recommend joining any academy near to your home instead of having online classes. If you still want online tuition, then I will prefer Khanacademy.