Advice on building a B2B SaaS product

I am new founder looking to build a B2B SaaS product but have very limited coding/tech background understanding besides Basics of SQL and Python. At this stage not keen to get a Tech leader onboard.
Looking for some advice from industry experts on what skillsets/technologies (the more specific the technology the better) would be key in this journey as well as some high level sequential technical steps/processes involved in building such a product and the key decisions/tradeoffs in each of those steps.
Happy to chat separately as well if needed.

Hi, Building a B2B SaaS product with limited coding background is challenging, but it’s possible with the right approach. Focus on learning frontend and backend development basics, database management, cloud computing, API development, and DevOps practices. Key steps include market research, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, and iteration based on feedback. Prioritize features, balance time-to-market and quality, and choose technologies wisely. I hope this helps

Thank you so much @jamessmith7606 for your kind advice.


That’s great to see that you are building a B2B SaaS product without tech background! Here is the blueprint for you to follow.

  • Who needs your SaaS product and which kind of problem will it solve?
  • Does this problem exist, and are existing solutions lacking?
  • Take the first hand opinion of your product.


Consider Bubble, Webflow, or Wix for quick startups as they don’t require coding expertise. Leverage existing APIs for payments, authentication, etc.


  • Prototype: Design your interface and user experience.
  • Data & APIs: Plan how your product stores and accesses data.
  • MVP: Build a basic version with core features.
  • Test & Deploy: Thoroughly test, iterate based on feedback, and launch.