Creating an Airbnb-like application, where to start?

Objective: Learn code by creating an Airbnb-like application (web and mobile) as fast as possible.

My stage: I am a front end dev, so I have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and some JS. So I know the basics of coding (variables, functions, etc). But I lack on the knowledge of what tech and languages should I study and use and how to combine them.

I have found some really practical courses (eg Build Room Booking site like AirBnb with Ruby on Rails - Level 1 | Code4Startup) but when I start them I feel like they are some steps ahead and I need to know some basics first.

Any recommendations on what are the really necessary tech and languages that I should learn in order the create an Airbnb-like app? Any recommend study path, courses?

Hi @Batman2 !

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May I ask why this needs to be as fast as possible?
Rushing through this type of project can only lead to issues down the road.

Is this a project you want to build for fun?
Or is this supposed to be a site for an actual business?

Since you mentioned javascript, I would pick technologies within the JavaScript ecosystem.
There are plenty of walk through tutorials for Airbnb clones through a google search like this one.

If you really want to build it using Ruby on Rails, then you will need to learn the basics first before taking that course you mentioned.

Whatever path you choose, it will take a lot longer than you think.

Hope that helps!


@Batman2 To be honest I’m not sure if this is serious. But anyway.

The progress begin with recognizing your situation. That you know some ‘basics’ of these language does not mean that you have a good domain of them. First of all Coding is based on problem solving , not in memorization.
Did you tried a first project, for example a responsible web design, or a survey form?
If you hardly know the basics, Why are you searching for very complex things?
If you really want to be a Front End, focus on the pillars, HTML, CSS, JS .
Back end: Python, PHP, Ruby, Net. , SQL, My SQL.
Any path: Git Github.

This is the most important! If you do not know how to integrate what you learned to something useful, you have not learned anything at all.
So, start from scratch, and by the moment let the 'advanced practical courses ’ to salespersons, you will learn a lot more in a structured curriculum rather than in a single ‘impacting’ project.
Also in this forum and FCC curriculum, you will find plenty of interesting projects in which you can work.
Best wishes

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