Advice - Talk slowly at interviews

Just wanted to drop a note here for anyone who is at the job searching phase of their transition to being a developer.

Talk Slowly.

However slow you think you’re talking on the phone/zoom, talk even slower.

I just had a chance to sit in on an interview as a shadower last week, and the candidate spoke so so fast, but the candidate did not realize it, and the interviewer I shadowed provided no help on that front. Sadly I also know as potential candidates in the past that sometimes I speak too quickly, and there’s never been a single interviewer to provided that advice.

Speak slowly. Take your time. Good luck!


Good advice. This is valid for anytime you are presenting information verbally.

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I think rather than slowly, you will need to ensure that what you are saying is clear and understandable

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I agree. There’s a lot to get through in a short amount of time so it’s tough to speak slowly. But don’t speak so fast that no one can understand you. And don’t speak so fast you’re tripping over your own thoughts.

Still though, some people need the reminder. I can’t remember who but I heard that someone would put the words “Slow down” on a slide when doing a talk to remind themselves to just take a second to breath!