All coding advice welcomed

Hello, I’m somewhat of a newbie to learning how to code but have no idea where to start or how… do I have the right computer? Will I need to make any expensive upgrades to my current laptop (Acer Chromebook)? Any additions? What are some good books?

If you can assist me I would love your feedback

Without knowing your goals and preferences, I suggest you start with the three classics: HTML, CSS and Javascript. One site that helped me a lot is . Others may suggest FreeCodeCamp.

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Hi @codeincold!

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If you are interested in web development then I would start with the FCC curriculum.

FCC teaches what is called the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) and Python. If you are interested in switching careers into web development, then I would suggest doing at least the first six certifications.

In addition to FCC you will discover other resources that will help you.
Here are some of my favorites.

You just need a basic computer with an internet connection.
Nothing fancy.

Maybe way down the line when you start working as a developer and you want to treat yourself to some new gear. But for now, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I am going off of the assumption that you are interested in web dev. So my suggestions will be for that.

  1. Its pretty hard/impossible to upgrade the hardware on Chromebooks
  2. A Chromebook can get you pretty far learning wise.

Luckily learning how to code can be done using lots of websites/online tools, and just being thrifty with what you got. As long as you have time, grit and an internet connection you are pretty much set :+1:

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in case you find yourself wanting to learn something that you can’t or don’t want to install on your computer, you can use online environments like, codesandbox, gitpod etc depending on your needs (with gitpod it’s like using vs code, with also all add ons available, just in a cloud environment)

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Can we use GitPods for FCC projects?

you can use gitpod for everything, note that gitpod is a dev environment, not something you can host projects with, it will
not give a live version online, so you need something else for that


Youtube Channel of Freecodecamp ( is one of the best source for learning programming. You can’t ignore it’s amazing stuff.

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You needn’t make too many changes! You’ll love Coding, trust me. It’s going to be fun on freecodecamp.

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And yes, your laptop is decent. You should have no problems. All the best!!

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You start on the first less of the FCC curriculum. And just work on it every day.

As stated, your laptop should be fine for now. One thing that might be nice is to hook up a larger monitor to it - I don’t know if you can do it with the CB. But it’s not required - it just makes work easier.

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awesome thank you this will help as I love to read.

I love it here & I love coding!! perfect combo

Thanks a ton Kev. I’ve never heard of the FCC curriculum. will be checking it out