All my projects reset

Hi, I recently cleared my browser cache and cookies on my web browser (Microsoft Edge) and now all the projects that I have completed in freecodecamp have been reset. I’m not sure if its because of me clearing my browser cache and cookies but it seems like thats the reason. Is there any other reason why it could have reset my projects and is there any way I can get my projects back?

freecodecamp uses local storage to save things that are in progress, but you can always check in the settings which projects are submited and their code

I have completed the first two projects and some of the third ones in the Responsive Web design section, I believe it was the Cat Photo App and Cafe Menu that I completed, and was halfway through the Color markers. But I don’t see any of it in the settings.

I meant final projects, which are those listed there. Practice projects, each step you do should be marked as completed, but the code is not saved