Anyone in Australia who got a job after learning on freeCodeCamp?

I spoke with some people working in the ICT industry in Australia and told them about None of them seem to know about it. One of these people told me if I wanted to get a developer job, it didn’t matter if I had an IT degree or where I learnt IT, but I needed to have personal projects to showcase my skills, which seem reasonable enough.

I think freeCodeCamp is such a fantastic site and I’ve been making great progress learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS using it. I guess I mostly just want to get a better idea of what might lie ahead.


Hi @gaac510 !

FCC will give you the starting foundation for web development. From there you will need to build a portfolio of your projects to show to employers.

I would suggest looking through the #career and #motivation sections of people who recently got jobs and what types of projects they had in their portfolios.

I am having a hard time finding jobs in Australia as there are mostly experienced developer jobs. Most of these jobs required 3-5 years is experience. How is your job hunting going on?

@abhigk I’ve started doing a tiny bit of networking but haven’t officially started job hunting because I still haven’t finished learning the bare minimums.

I blasted through JavaScript first, and am completing HTML and CSS final projects at the moment (been spending a LOT of time on them as there are many design elements which ties into code choices). I still need to at least complete the front end libraries certification.

Australia is a rich and industrialized country with a western culture, so I don’t think there are many differences from the USA and central Europe.

Build credibility that you can solve business problems, keep in touch with people and search for opportunities.

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