Apis and Microservice Projects Help

Good afternoon, I am trying to complete the api and Microservice Projects, but Glitch has been hell to work with. Trying to load the boilerplate doesn’t work or it freezes up on me so I decided to open up the boilerplate in Github and edit the code in Visual Studio Code. I need to test the code, but for the life of me I don’t know how to share it to the FreeCodeCamp site. Any ideas on how to complete these projects without Glitch? Thanks in advance.

Are you logged in to Glitch through your GitHub account when you access the boilerplate?

I haven’t used glitch before, but I’ve deployed backend challenges to Heroku in the past.

If you have the code checked into git already, Heroku is reasonably straightforward to get up and running with. You might need a cloud mongo provider though - I’m not sure if they have integrated mongo support yet (I used a cloud provider a few years ago when I did some mongo stuff with Heroku).

Assuming you get the same issue as me where Glitch errors on the FCC project but loads an empty page, here is what you can do:

  1. Load the empty Glitch page
  2. Open up the Github folder
  3. Create files in Glitch corresponding to the Github project
  4. Copy & paste the code from Github into the right files.

It takes about 2 minutes for each project and lets you take advantage of Glitch.