APIs and Microservices Certification: test with Repl.it URL does not work


I just started the APIs and Microservices Certification Curriculum and I am trying to test the solution for the first challenge. The thread Basic Node and Express - test wiith repl.it link doesn't work does not solve my issue.

I started the project using the link in the introduction and I edited the package.json by adding the author key. This is the public repo

I did not find any URL that ends with repl.co and if I try to run the project I got an error.

I’m using Firefox 84.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

Thank for any hint

Once npm starts without errors there should be displayed additional window showing page preview with address to it. Format of that address seems to be right now: https://<name-of-the-repl-it>.<repl-it-user-name>.repl.co

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Hi Sanity,

thank you for your reply. I solved the issue.

I wrote the steps here, so if someone else has this issue, can solve it quickly.

  1. In “Introduction to the Managing Packages with npm Challenges” click on “Start this project on Repl.it using this link […]”
  2. Once the project is created on Repl.it, click on the Shell tab on the right.
  3. At the prompt type npm install
  4. Click the Run button.
  5. On the right will appear the output and the link that has this format https://<name-of-the-repl-it>.<repl-it-user-name>.repl.co
  6. Now you can start solving the challenges


Thank you! I had the same problem.
I must add, I did not immediately pass the test. Then I hit stop, hit run again, and got through.


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Thank you!

Couldn’t figure out what to do but was really easy after reading your step by step instructions.

It would be great if freeCodeCamp can add them into the node certificate intro, particularly the part about installing express into the repl!


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