Application Error in CodePen

Hi, I’m working on my technical documentation page and I can’t save my progress because CodePen raises an error (CODE: undefined)


I’ve already contacted CodePen’s support as the error says to, but no answer so far…
This is the code I’m trying to save:
Link to the code in jsbin

Any idea what’s wrong?

Looks like they were having server issues.

I am not sure about this because it’s still giving me that error…

Yea, I can’t save it either. Maybe that the amount of HTML is the issue, try with less HTML code, there is a huge amount there atm? There could also be some JS inlined somewhere in that huge chunk of HTML you’ve copy pasted that’s causing the error. It saves fine if I delete everything except the script tag and the nav element, I haven’t tried to cut out any of the rest.

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I guess you’re right about the html being too long…
I’ll switch subjects