Are all tutorials video based, or are there some in PDF?

I’d like to do PDF studying since I can’t always watch videos. Does every class have a pdf or online text to view as opposed to only video?

Which videos are you referring to? The interactive curriculum on doesn’t have videos.

'When I search for Python courses, I see videos…this is my first time using this site, so I’m probably looking at it wrong…I’ll take all the help I can get. thanks

Search where for Python courses?

I think the Python content on the learn platform is video based, and unfortunately I don’t know of any transcripts for those videos.

Yes, all I know to do is click on Curriculum, and search Python lol. Okay, thank you, video it is!

I have no experience in Python programming, and I need some guidance on how to proceed. I have many interests that I’ve heard Python will assist me with, so I want to switch my career to Python development. I understand that I have to master the fundamentals first. My personal goals are to develop websites and mobile apps, create 2D and 3D graphics, and apply AI and machine learning techniques. I have a specific project in mind, which is to design a VR, AR, video game that helps me memorize things using mnemonics. The game would use animation, 3D and 2D images as memory cues, along with music and bots as characters. I have no prior experience in this field, but I have some background knowledge of the book I want to memorize, and I am a musician. I am proficient in typing and computer skills (my current job is a trainer and data entry specialist). I wish this site had a feature that would suggest a sequence of courses based on the keyword Python, or a certification path for different Python-related careers. Maybe it already does, but I don’t see it clearly yet………Help :blush:!! Thanks.

I suppose until I get more guidance, I’ll do the obvious…the Ultimate Beginner’s Python Course…looks like the most recent beginner’s course. Here we go!

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