Basic Javascript Practice

My name is Vic Iyke and I am a Javascript student, I've learned quite a lot with Javascript but I haven't practiced much with the language so I was wondering if perhaps you guys who have gone extensively into the language could outline some basic javascript exercise a newbie could start with, thank you in advance.

A good way to start is just onto FCC itself
And do some practise

If you are into books try the bellow link. It also explains you how things work and give you some excersizes

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You can also check out some code katas.

But I would suggest trying to use JavaScript for more practical things, like actually building stuff with it (random list, google for more).

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Thank you, I will proceed with your suggestions.

I would also suggest using Javascript to build webpage features. You can go to HOW TO section and use some of the projects there to figure out the javascript. The good thing about w3schools is they’re incredibly outdated so while you can use it to study how folks used to do it, it can be a great exercise in modernizing their code. Of course, you can also modernize the HTML and CSS.

I also found it helpful after figuring out the javascript, to do the same project in React and Svelte3 just to get practice in taking javascript to a javascript library syntax. Good practice in switching the mind set.

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