Be careful with button use new people

Be careful out there everyone i touched a button and ALL of it gone. My whole free code camp. I was told to touch it again and nothing. I have now lost the stuff i did. I really dont wanna start over. Be safe everyone.

Which button?

There is a button to delete all of your progress in your profile settings at the way bottom. If you hit that then yea, all the checkmarks and tracked progression is gone.

Practically though this doesn’t mean anything other than losing some “internet points”. The purpose of freeCodeCamp isn’t necessarily the certs. Its the experience you gain from using it as a framework for learning. So even if you deleted everything, you don’t necessarily need to start it all over again, the same way if you wanted to jump ahead to future sections no one will stop you, or if you wanted/ needed to you can double back and redo the same things again as a form of review.

The platform doesn’t tell you how to learn, you get to use the platform how you see fit for how to learn. This is one of the key differences with a system like this and say a course/class. You get to play the part of the “teacher” in some aspects along with the student. This is both a good and bad, as its vastly more responsibility. Its hard enough to learn new things, its even harder if you need to learn how to be a teacher and a student.

Luckily the tools available can help you be your “own teacher”, but don’t expect the tool to be the teacher. There are some who can read a book and become an expert, but that doesn’t work with everything and everyone, learning to code is one of those cases.

I usually compare this site to being a single pathway on a larger journey. Sure there might be some brush-ups, U-turns, and even gapping holes in the curriculum, but its just a single part of the overall path in an overall journey. Nothing is perfect, this curriculum included. You will run into issues, with the platform, with some other code, with some random tutorial you find online, and your own code you wrote 5 minutes ago. Running into these issues, fighting them, trying things, and finding reusable methods you can use to tackle them later is more or less what experience, and thus learning is made of.

If you wanted to learn how to be a better cook, odds are you’d have to cook up some dishes. This of course requires ingredients, equipment, recipes, possibly some training, specific skills and hungry mouths to feed. All of this requires time and money. Screwing stuff up means literally throwing away progress into the garbage.

Learning to code however doesn’t require you to really buy anything but a way to access the internet, time to put in the work and grit to stick with it when the going gets tough. You need less stuff, but you also need more of what remains. Things are complicated, and will require time to figure it out, and grit to not just give up once you hit roadblocks.

In many senses you can’t lose true progress when it comes to learning, even if you’re flailing for 5 hours, if your trying different things you’ll learn different things that don’t work.

I have a saying that more or less goes: “Fail trying 500 different things, and learn 500 new things. Get lucky on your first try and learn nothing”.

Keep trying, keep failing, keep learning, keep grinding :+1:

I am step 13 I think in the coffee menu. was told to touch I think it said style.css and ther other i think said index.html. Did not go anywhere else. I have a paid person coming here to figure it out. My computer works fine on other websites. Thanks tho

If that is the case, just try to touch the index in step 13, or which ever one you are on. It means your coding should still be there for you. :slight_smile:
It does look blank when the styles.css is touched and ready for styling.
I suffered the same worry when I first used the styles.css.
Happy coding!

thanks but i am 3 modules and 6 lessons past all this.LOL

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Congrats on such good progress! Keep up the good focus! :slight_smile:

CODY---- I am all good here if you wanna close

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