Beginner General Question

So, here i am, really enjoying this course so far (half way through the “Cafe Menu” stage. i see there may be be a little repetition in a single section, but i’ll still forget some stuff: how to format classes, attributes and generally where to put stuff.

My hope and question is, throughout this course (html and css anyway) are the same situation encountered repeatedly to aid in remembering the necessary steps along the way with reagrds to code in general? or should i expect a building block format with no repetition


I’d like to hear the replies to your post. I’m also a beginner too!

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yes im concerned about forgetting stuff along the way and not having to repeat the same exercise at least a few times


You will repeat many of the HTML/CSS core concepts by default because they are the backbone of web development. I’m talking about commonly used HTML tags and CSS properties like font sizes and paddings/margins. You will have a good grip on them fast when you keep practicing.

For everything outside the HTML/CSS core concepts, like special tags and rare CSS properties, start training one of the most important developer skills: Researching, using Google and using documentation. They will be your tools for the rest of your career. There is simply too much to know and constantly changing in our field.

A great research and learning resource for everything web development:
MDN Web Docs

tldr: You will know the HTML/CSS core concepts fast because you are using them all of the time. You will research the rest as a steady part of the developer job throughout your career.


ok thank you. thats good to know

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