Beginner - Introducing myself

Hello world

I am new to coding and my knowledge of coding is limited to FCC. I have just finished HTML5, CSS, and Responsive Design with Bootstrap lessons on FCC.

I have to admit the first few challenges started off as really simple and that gave me encouragement but at the same time i wondered how would these small exercises ever help me code an app. But as I advanced onwards, it got more and more complex. Sometimes I gave up and put a movie on because I couldn’t decipher what the hell the task was until i went back to it a few days later and figured this out.

At the moment, I work 7 days a week. I have a Monday to Friday 9-5 admin job, and at the weekend I drive taxis. I am not afraid of hard work, but at the same time it is not something i want to do for the rest of my life. Coding seems like an opportunity that will help me change career paths and land bigger and better jobs in the future.

Now that i have finished the Responsive Design with Bootstrap lesson, I have to say that I am starting to get a grasp of things. I am committing myself to coding every day for 25 minutes at least (Quincy’s suggestion on a youtube video). Finishing off the Responsive Design, I realised that everything that i learned at the beginning and in the middle, came together to help me through the end of these exercises, which is brilliant.

One method I am using to push myself to code everyday is, being accountable to my wife, sending her a screenshot or a small video of my coding screen, showing her which exercise I am on today. Every day that I miss a coding session, I have to pay her £40 which she must spend on herself on that exact day. Being the stinge-bag that i am, i haven’t missed a single day since we had this agreement.

So… thats it for now. I am trying not to look at any negative stories about people that tried to learn coding and failed. I look at some of the blog posts from people that are way way more advanced than I can ever imagine myself to be, they are asking questions about things I have not even heard of. It always makes me question whether I can ever get to where they are. But I have decided I am gonna keep my head down and I am going to stick to this, making small but steady progress. I know that I will have a far better understanding of it in a year’s time.

So wish me luck folks! And best of luck to those of you who are just starting as well. It seems daunting, but we will get there!


Thank you for your story.
It is very inspiring.
Everyone should have your mindset.


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Hahahha… brilliant!

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Good luck to you!
I’m really excited when doing these challenges.
It helps me to not forgot and be concentrated!

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Welcome and nice introduction! You have the right attitude for getting to be a good coder. Gradually by working a little every day, you are capable of more and more complex tasks. It takes time and patience and there are set backs, but building a good habit and routine of producing code, eventually turn even the most hopeless of beginners into competent coders.

Don’t be intimidated when you come across people who seem to be talking over your head or discussing technologies you’ve never heard of. The world of development is so big that every developer encounters new stuff every single day, no matter how many years you’ve been at it. At a certain point, you just get used to not understanding it all. No one does in IT; no one possibly could.

In any case, keep at it. You’re on the right track!

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Thanks everyone.

I love that FreeCodeCamp has a community of it’s own.

Thank you for your support. Hopefully, one day i can be of some help to new coders that will be introducing themselves here in the future.

Brilliant suggestions. Its comforting to know that everyone encounters new problems no matter how experienced they are.

I will be sure to remind myself of this every time i come across a hurdle.

Many thanks!

Welcome coder. Nice introduction. I am too a new coder and just started my work in freecodecamp. Your story is inspiring and motivates me to work even harder. All the very best and wish me luck too !!

Hello and welcome everyone to the Free Code Camp forum! Thanks for sharing your story! While we love to hear from all of our new campers, the number of people who join every day means that a new thread for each camper would crowd out all of the other topics. Because of this, we’re going to close your topic so other people don’t keep introducing themselves here. This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong or are in trouble, we just need to keep this place clean :thumbsup:

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