Being Put thru Course Curriculum Twice

Hello FCC

I began FCC at the beginning with the BASIC Html & CSS courses and
completed all course work up to and thru CSS Flexbox. I did not have
much trouble with any of it. I learn fairly quickly & had some previous
knowledge. I realize that I do need to practice and gain real experience.

Anyway, I expected to keep on going, however FCC has started me all over
pretty much from the beginning, at BASIC CSS, perhaps to give me more
experience or test me. OK. Things were going well if this was the case.

Continuing on. So now we’re up to the last few courses in Applied Accessibility and
things are beginning to get BUGGY = code just not working properly.

So my Q. Is this the way FCC teaches coding bootcamp for certification
purposes to ensure we TRULY understand how to find errors in code & correct,
and NOT just copy what we are told to do in your course instructions?

I’m somewhat confused as to what you are saying and/or asking, but I’ll try my best.

  • You can choose to skip any portions of the curriculum that you like. If you already understand HTML, CSS, responsive design, etc, you can skip straight to the JavaScript portions.

  • If you think that you have found a bug in a challenge, please report it in detail.

  • FCC does not deliberately include errors. (I only know of one challenge that has a error in the example code, and that will be fixed with the next update.) On the other hand, FCC does deliberately use example code snippets that are not exactly the same as the solution that you will need. This means that you have to actually read and understand the example instead of blindly copying it.

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Hi ArielLeslie,

Glad you’re not a bot! :slight_smile: Anyway, I am new to FCC, so not sure what the usual learning protocol is. I just know that I took about 200+ courses from the beginning and was up to 168 points, then the points stopped and I was started back almost at the beginning again.

No more points progress. Just taking most of these courses over again.

I wondered if it was all NORMAL for FCC & a test for certification perhaps?

Thank you for responding
-Monique Rene

When updates happen you may have courses you have not done added. If you go to the curriculum, are you saying you lost all your check boxes? Or are you seeing your old boxes checked but not the new ones?

If you’re looking for completed code…FCC does not save your code for you only marks it complete.

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I have all of my green check boxes from the FIRST TIME.
There were none left undone, and there are NO NEW unchecked.
I am just being made to take most all of the courses OTHER THAN
BASIC HTML over again.

I am almost done, but all points STOPPED at 168. I should have several more
by now.

If you’re just saying that by default you are landing on a challenge you have already done, that’s probably because your browser storage was cleared. You can use the currriculum page to go to the next challenge that you haven’t already done.

Ohh OK! I DID clear my cache because I was not accumulating any points,
so I thought my cache was the problem. It wasn’t.

I am almost done doing all 200 courses OVER AGAIN. I will just finish. It won’t hurt
me to review it all over again anyway, just reinforce what I’ve learned.

I assume the POINTS will start up again once I resume with FRESH UNCHECKED
courses & material. If not, I will let you know.

Thank you Ariel
Unique-Monique :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck and happy coding.

It used to. Has this changed?

Thank you both.
I don’t believe my code has been saved. Do I need to save it for any purpose?

Saved code isn’t required, no. You don’t even have to do the coding challenges, only the projects. You might still want to save your code to go back and look at it later, especially if you do what I did, which was take a long break then reset my progress. My old code was a lot more clever, but now I’m rusty… :frowning:

Almost a year ago. There’s just too much content and too many campers for FCC to save everyone’s solutions.

I think I would just come back in and take courses over again if I get rusty.

Yah, that’s what I did. Starts off with sheer tedium, but then I quickly found new curricula like CSS grids that taught me new things. So even an old dog like me learned new tricks thanks to FCC’s continued evolution :+1:

By the way, why do my posts get insta-edited to remove the quoted section? Is it some kind of forum optimization to reduce the noise if the reply immediately follows the quote, or is a bug in this charmingly quirky forum software?

When you quote the entire previous post, it removes the duplicate text. If you look at the post you replied to, you’ll see an indication that you replied directly to that post rather than the topic as a whole.

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This behavior seems a bit sub-optimal when the entire post is a single sentence. Perhaps there should be a minimum length requirement for this behavior. Of course, since my reply immediately followed the post, it could still be construed as a feature. Anyway, enough of me hijacking of the topic… :slight_smile:

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