Best Pc app to practice Python

Hello… :raising_hand_man: I’m new here… just signed up about two days ago.
I want a good app for my new pc to practice python with…
i hope to finding the best relationship right here in this community that would boost my coding skills as a young programmer .

Here’s what MS recommends for using Python on Windows.

For quick and simple code, the Python Idle is enough (basic IDE with I think comes with a Python installation?).
Then I personally like Jupyter-Notebooks. The notebook-structure allows to run only parts of the code while also offering the option to add markdown text inbetween code as to explain what you are doing…
That said, these notebook structure can also be had by using Google Colabs - which is an IDE basically hosted by google and using their cloud-resources. Though it has some limitations, like I don’t think it can be used to build a User-Interface.

Both Jupyter and GoogleColabs run in the browser.

Thanks bbsmooth its a lot of help

Alright Jaga… I’m going to try Jupyter.

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